Basement Bedroom Ideas in Luxurious Touch

What do you think of Basement Bedroom Ideas? It should be comfortable, off course. It also does not need to be very expensive. As long as it is comfortable and can absorb the weather in the basement, everything is good.

basement bedroom ideas

basement bedroom ideas

If you’re running out of space in your home, it may be time to take a peek into the basement. Odds are, this typically underused room isn’t living up to its potential. It could be transformed into an additional bedroom.

Interior designer Letitia Holloway of Myers Designs and Debbie Wiener, owner of Designing Solutions, are well versed in this transformation and the complications that come with it. If you’re thinking of turning your basement into an extra bedroom, their tips and tricks can help.
Insulate. The last thing you want is a noisy — and chilly — bedroom. “Spend a little extra and add good insulation to the walls,” says Wiener. “One good night’s sleep and you’ll know you spent your money wisely.”

Create emergency escape routes. Before beginning construction, check your local building codes to learn what your basement’s escape requirements are. The necessary routes can also enhance the room. “Installing large upper windows not only enhances the view but provides a great escape route,” says Holloway. Look for the charm. Save money by leaving beams exposed or the ceiling unfinished — it will give your new cozy bedroom a feeling of distinction. Unfinished ceilings can also help add height to a space, especially when painted a dark color. “Paint the ceiling dark and finish the rest of the room off as you would normally,” says Holloway. “This type of ceiling works with a variety of aesthetics, and the unfinished effect makes it feel higher. Place the bed against an interior wall in the room. “Exterior walls change temperature, meaning your bed will be cold in the winter and possibly through summer if your basement is below grade,” says Wiener. “Do whatever you can to leave enough room on one insulated interior wall for the bed.” Is it simple to create basement bedroom ideas?

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