Bathroom Curtain Ideas for Simple Look

The bathroom is not completed without a curtain. When you can find the best bathroom curtain ideas, it will help your bathroom looks colorful and beautiful. Therefore, you can choose one if these bathroom curtains ideas below.

1. Finding your favorite color. You can try to match the color of your bathroom wall with the curtain color. Even if you want to mix and match the color, make sure you love the combination.
2. Finding your favorite character. Let us say if you love flowers or spiderman, you can find the curtain with those characters. It will add the new sensation of your bathroom.
3. Measure your curtain size, so that it will fit your bathroom. In this case, if you use it for normal size like to cover the shower, you can find it easily in the stores.
4. Finding the beat material of it. You can try to find the waterproof material so that it will keep dry soon. You also do not need to worry about fungi in it and bad smell.
5. Trying to find the easily cleaned material. You cab use plastic material and another easy clean material. Therefore, you will not have the difficulties to clean it anytime you want in simply.

small bathroom curtain ideas

6. Finding the affordable one. You do not need something luxurious and expensive as your bathroom curtain because one time you bored with it, you can easily to change it into something new.
7. Selecting the same themes your bathroom theme. For example is when your bathroom uses everything in your bathroom is using the vintage style, so you can choose the vintage style for your curtain.

You also have to consider the color of your bathroom with the color of the furniture in your bathroom. you must be sure that you need cabinets and mirror in your bathroom. However, what kind of cabinets and mirror that suitable to your bathroom? You should notice the space in your bathroom. If it is small, then you need to put the mirror and cabinets in the same place. You also have to concern the size of the mirror. Big or small one is based on the space of your bathroom. The next thing to concern is the type of the mirror. You can get the hanging mirror or on the floor mirror. It takes smaller spaces when you hang it on the wall. Therefore, which one do you think the best choice for you?

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