Bathroom Pendant Lighting in Anti-Mainstream Style

If you want something different on your bathroom, you can use bathroom pendant lighting. Many interior designers and homeowners are finding that pendant lighting is actually a fantastic way to achieve that modern, stylish and contemporary look within their homes. Pendant lighting provides a unique atmosphere within a room, and is ideal in an area where you tend to focus on typically one thing. This type of lighting gives off ‘pools of light’, and therefore is ideal above a desk, the place in which you wash dishes, and generally focus on a certain activity. Unlike many other types of lighting, pendant lighting gives off a very soft light, which a lot of people tend to prefer.

bathroom pendant lighting

bathroom pendant lighting

At what point in the design process do you work out the lighting plan? When do you discuss it with your clients and specify the fixtures? Do you do it yourself or work with a lighting specialist?
Regardless of sequence or source, it’s crucial to factor lighting into your plans and budgets. A well-lit kitchen and bath is a safer, more attractive and functional space. Here are some of the lighting trends you’ll want to consider this season.

There are a wide range of lighting styles to fit just about every taste. Murphy and Lamps Plus have defined these four as the dominant looks for 2016:
• Industrial Modern blends the urban edge of utilitarian design with the warmth of aged woods and worn textures.
• Luxe blends elegant design lines with rich opulent finishes like mirror, lacquer and glamorous furniture and lighting.
• The New Traditional style is all about making the classic new again. Take timeless shapes and profiles, craft them out of new materials, accent with on-trend brass or gold finishes and you have tradition re-born.
Modern Mix reflects the latest in trends with its exciting blend of bold lighting forms. Lighting is layered with eye-catching visual interest, making it the perfect solution for the modern living room.

Hudson Valley’s Fields sees retro revivals as a strong trend, especially Midcentury. “There will always be a nod to the past,” he notes, and his brand went with Sputnik-inspired Atomic Age style. Artisanal is another trend his firm has embraced, with a hand-poured, Italian-inspired glass series.

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