Brass Coffee Table Looks Nice

What is Brass Coffee Table? Most of us enjoy a nice cup of coffee at a nice table from time to time. Thanks to this collection, you will have a rare chance to choose from a very wide range of choice of brass coffee tables. You don’t have to rush with picking the design, size and color you find most appropriate for your living room.
Sturdy rectangular modern style table. Its durable frame is made of steel finished in grey. Useful, it has large both a top and a lower shelf. Practical, with removable casters for easy moving though it is quite heavy.

brass coffee table

brass coffee table

A magnificent, rounded coffee table with a contemporary design that suits most present interiors. It features an additional shelf right below the top in order to provide more storage. The frame is made of metal while the top and the shelf are made of glass.

If you want to decorate your modern home, you should definitely glance at this Hammered Nickel Round Coffee Table. Designed of quality materials, the table ensures proper durability, and a smooth surface for placing your snacks and beverages. Brass coffee table gives you the different taste of table. You can make it too. 1.) Supplies needed: three aluminum sheet metal (usually sold 3 ft x 2 ft), two wood rounds, wood stain, polyurethane, heavy-duty glue*. Not pictured: metal clippers, work gloves, embroidery thread, masking tape, scissors, spray paint primer, brass spray paint (or any color you prefer), sandpaper and RotoZip RotoSaw+.
2.) Cut your metal sheets to your desired height. For the larger of my two tables I needed two metal sheets, so if you are creating a larger side table be sure to cut two sheets the same height. Always wear work gloves when working with metal-it’s sharp stuff! Try to cut along the top edge of the design, so you can avoid having jagged edges. Use a neutral colored thread. But we will be painting this later so it doesn’t have to match perfectly. I taped one edge of my thread as I worked, this helped me thread it in and out for the metal sheet more easily.

3) Prime the metal table base. Be sure to get the inside and outside. Once dry (check your bottle for dry times) spray with your desired color. I choose a brassy gold color, but you could also do a brighter gold, color or even leave it white.

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