Chandelier light covers

Chandelier light covers are a beautiful focal point in different rooms. However, they can become uncomfortable when they are dirty. You can restore the beauty of your chandelier, if iron or any other beat, when it loses its luster. More than likely all you need is a good cleaning. Because complex designs, unless you know how to clean the iron accessories, could become a difficult task.

Equipment and tools

– 2 or 3 pools, depending on the size of the chandelier and how it is dirty before cleaning the unit
– A commercial cleaning agent or dishwashing liquid
– Glass Cleaner
– Washrags mild, non-abrasive
– Rubber gloves

unique chandelier light covers
– A ladder to reach your chandelier, which is essential for the cleaning of arms and frame
– A large sheet or towel, depending on the size of the chandelier, as this will catch the juice to clean the different sections fixed to the ceiling. We can also be a large piece of plastic Chandelier light covers. To ground at the base of the stairs and then there was a sheet or towel for cushioning, on top of the plastic, if you worry that you can hit some of your loose crystals to avoid damage if dropped on the floor.

The cleaning process

1. Remember to turn off the switch when working on an element that has an electrical current, especially when cleaning the chandelier.

2. Remove the covers and bulbs apparatus attention. Never expose the bulbs Chandelier light covers of any liquid as they will be hot blast. It should rather gently, then wipe with a soft, dry cloth while fresh and then place the bulbs on a clean soft towel until you are ready to replace them. Working clothes microfiber good for business.

3. Fill your sink or a bowl with warm soapy water, then clean the outer decorative arms with soap and water.

4. In another basin, add water and a small amount of dish soap or commercial cleaner. Use this water to clean the carpets and small drops of crystal chandelier. In another pool, to wash these items in hot water. You can add about ½ cup of ammonia in the rinse water, as this will ensure that your luster crystal.

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