Country Living Room Ideas Look Great

Whether you’re relaxing or entertaining, these decorating ideas will create a warm and inviting living room, year-round. Country living room ideas are perfect. astering the mix, these country-style living rooms combine rustic patinas, weathered antiques, salvaged goods, heirloom collectibles, flea market finds, and regional references. See patriotica-hue American living rooms decorated with folk art pieces, homespun fabrics, barnyard figures, and farm-life relics. Check out modern country-style living rooms sporting white slipcovered sofas, black-painted finishes, and sparely arranged collections.

country living room ideas

country living room ideas

If you’re not a fan of frond fabric, why not go for the real deal with a show-stopping plant that delivers tropical flair in the freshest of fashions? This Manly living room in Sydney also revisits the brass accessories popular in the ’70s in a new and ultra-modern way.

Inspiration for a large mediterranean formal open concept living room remodel in Sydney with white walls.
In this living room, for example, orange books on a coffee table reflect the colourings of artworks on the fireplace ledge, as does the other decorator piece in the room: the tribal totem. This repetition of colour helps the eye travel all around the room, and really gives the viewer a chance to appreciate all elements in the room rather than just one bold piece. Narrower options for coffee tables are good too. Sometimes you don’t have room for a round coffee table. This long rectangular ottoman works perfectly in a narrow space and is soft, so you won’t bang your shins.

In this traditional living room with a hint of country, red simply makes me feel happy. The soft blue wall color is a great choice, because it keeps the red from being too jarring and adds a level of sophistication. Not every living space has to be serious. If you have a larger piece of gaming furniture (such as the pool table in this room), build your living room around it. The pool table takes the place of a conventional sofa here, while the overstuffed chairs ground the opposite side of the room. Custom bench seating with flared arms under the windows subtly emphasizes the fun feel. You can mix the country living room ideas with another theme of it.

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