Dining Room Furniture in Wood

Having dining room furniture is also talking about the budget. While the moldings on the walls of this dining room are traditional in style, the addition of two sliding red doors creates a striking modern look. Note how they’re trimmed with the same moldings as the walls. Add a layer of style with an eye-catching rug. This is especially helpful in defining a dining area that’s part of an open plan. Bring in the books. Not many folks have the luxury of a separate library, and if you’re a book lover, it can be difficult to find enough space to keep your books easily accessible. Built-ins do the trick while creating a cohesive look. They can also spur some interesting dinner conversations.

dining room furniture

dining room furniture

I can’t think of a better setup for book club night. This example shows how storing books in the dining area of an open plan helps tie the entire space together. Put thought into your lighting. Most important, a light fixture over the dining table should be on a dimmer switch so you can create the exact ambience you want. You also want to hang it so it’s well above eye level when you and your guests are seated. Also when thinking about height, consider the typical centerpiece or candlesticks you have to make sure they don’t come too close to the fixture.

Other than that, choose a light fixture that will wow you every time you catch a glimpse of it. Here, a group of different Moroccan lanterns hung at different heights is a big design moment in the dining room. Consider a mural. The walls of many a historic home’s dining room were covered in a large landscape scene. This one in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a fresh take on that idea: The whimsical woodland mural suits the young family’s playful sensibilities. f you’re not into picture rails, a grid of similar pieces framed and matted in the same way is another good strategy for filling a large wall in the dining room. Check your budget again, and for the better result, you can have the dining room furniture in wood.

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