Interior Glass Doors for Hotel Sensation

Having the great interior glass doors are the important aspect to reach at home or at hotel. it gives a best value in someone attraction. Painting it is also a nice thing to do. The success of any paint job always starts with good prep work. You can either paint your doors in place or take them down and paint them on sawhorses – I prefer painting them on sawhorses. If your door already has knobs on it, remove them – it’s easier than painting around them. Since I take my doors down to paint them, I also remove the hinges. Next, fill in any gouges or imperfections with wood filler and sand those areas until smooth in addition to lightly sanding the entire door with fine grit (220) sandpaper. Vacuum or use a cloth to remove most of the dust and then sweep a tack cloth over the door to get the rest of it.

interior glass doors for home

interior glass doors for home

The next step is to prime your doors if they aren’t pre-primed or you aren’t painting over a previously painted door (unless you’re using latex paint on a door that was previously painted with an oil-based paint – then you’ll still need to prime). Priming is ideally done in the same order (edges first, etc. as I’ll describe for painting). An advantage to taking your doors off of the hinges to paint is that you can easily get to both the top and bottom edges, which can be important because some door manufacturers will not honor a door’s warranty if any of the door’s six sides (the front, back, and four edges) are left unfinished. For new wood doors that are pre-primed, the only prep work needed is to prime the top and bottom edges of the door, which for some reason are usually unprimed.

Now it’s time to paint! Many people have success painting doors using just a brush, but I like to use a combination of a paintbrush and roller (I use the brush for the recessed molding areas and a roller for the flat surfaces). For me, using a combination of the two is faster and results in a much smoother finish. What do you think of having the color interior glass door?

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