Kids Bathroom Sets in Character

Designing a bathroom for your kid is a fun task where you can experiment with bold and bright colours, and whimsical patterns. A themed bathroom with a matching bathrobe for kids could even get your child excited for bath time and make your job a lot easier. Here are a few ways to prepare the perfect bathroom for your child.

kids bathroom sets

kids bathroom sets

If your kid is an ardent fan of superhero movies and comics or can’t get enough of Disney princesses, designing a theme bathroom incorporating his favorite superhero character or Disney princess is a wonderful idea. However, keep in mind that once your child grows up, the same superhero or Disney princess themed wall or bathtub might not appeal to him. An easier way to have a themed bathroom is by making full use of accessories. Combining your kid’s favorite characters can be easily done by using bathroom accessories such as shower curtains, bathrobes (especially bathrobes for kids), bath mats, door knobs, towel, bathrobe hangers and drawer pulls. Here is how to do it:

• Paint the bathroom in a solid colour, which fuses with the theme of your choice
• Opt for fun shower curtains in bright and eye-catching prints to add a childlike look to the bathroom. Shower curtains are easily replaceable and you can change them when your child is older and is no longer fascinated with it
• Kids’ bathrobes are a must-have and you should get one for your kid that blends in well with the bathroom. A bathrobe for kids serves many useful purposes such as keeping them warm and dry when they race out of the shower every morning. It is available in various colours, prints and designs and can also be replaced when your child grows out of it. You can also buy bathrobes online to find one that fits your child’s needs. A bathrobe for kid is comfortable to wear and provides great warmth.
• You can also accessorize using bath mats or rugs to match the theme of the bathroom. All of these accessories can be changed when needed to and replaced with more adult suitable versions in the future without any significant costs involved.
• To make bathroom activities easier for your little one, ensure everything is within his reach. Place a step stool or a drawer step in the bathroom so that your child can reach the faucet and mirrors easily.
• Keep soap dispensers and toothpaste within the child’s reach so that he can easily access it when needed.
• Keep all of the child’s things and toys in low cabinets for easy access and keep medicines and other unwanted items at higher levels.

Do not forget with the safety matters for your kids bathroom sets!

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