Kids Outdoor Playhouse

Kids outdoor playhouse , My grandmother was a theater kid who spent many hours. Recalling the years of childhood without care and fun always makes me laugh! Thinking back to those little things that entertained us, we could care less expensive stuff! A little mud “, worms, and part of the old grandmother pans was all it took to entertain us for hours.

Old pans, muffin, spoons and bowls were part of the fun we had in the theater of our baby. Do not worry, if you do not have all the older kitchen tools, sales of charity or ask grandfathers and grandmothers are a great help! They often have to clean their disorder for years before!

kids outdoor playhouse accessories

“A good idea to specify the children what they can and can not go outside in the theater of outdoor child. Take an old doll, and a couple of sets of clothes. Playing at home can be lots of fun with your friends! Making it very clear what is in the house and what can go into the Kids outdoor playhouse theater will help them to understand what needs to stay in the theater. This way, it will keep some of the dust and dirt out of your home!

Plasticine home is another very cheap and fun to help them create their own fun in the open air theater of the child. I suggest you do 2-3 sets of color house plasticine. If you have the flour, salt, water, oil and cream of tartar, a couple of colors of food coloring can easily adapt a couple of games in minutes:

Play dough recipe:

1. 4 cups flour
2. salt 1 cup
3. 4 cups water
4. oil 4 tablespoons
5. 1/2 cup cream of tartar
6. preferably food coloring!

Mix all ingredients in a saucepan. Cook and stir over low / medium until dough is fully trained and no longer sticky. Let cool for a few minutes before you store it in a zip lock bag or Tupperware containers. This recipe is great for the kids, if they decide to eat! Eating is not recommended, but it can happen! Feel free to give their old cookie cutters. Encourage them to use their imagination in Kids outdoor playhouse and make cookie dough modeling, meals for their dolls or just have fun making their own creations!

It is recommended to teach kids to clean up after themselves! It can be traumatic, but clay is dry if it is not on. Store toys is not difficult or time consuming but it does teach them responsibility at an early age.

No matter what you choose to implement open-air theater of your children, you have to create a place where they can go to what is out of the sun, safely and entertain them! These fun summer days will lead to many wonderful childhood memories with cousins, friends and, of course, their brother or sister in the theater of the child!

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