Kitchen Nook Table to Enjoy Your Brunch!

Whether it’s for sitting down to enjoy a quiet cup of tea or setting a spread of eggs and toast for the family, a well-situated breakfast nook can play a key role in your home. So we rounded up some inspiring examples of how you can turn a simple kitchen nook table into your favorite space in the house.

round kitchen nook table

round kitchen nook table

Given that kitchens generally offer only a handful of opportunities for color, an eat-in nook is a great place to punch things up a bit via easy-to-swap accents such as pillows. If you’re unsure of which color palette to choose, pick one hue and use it in differing shades for a more cohesive look. Since the classic built-in seating in a breakfast nook isn’t always an option (we’re thinking of all you renters out there), create the illusion of one with two long benches placed at a 90-degree angle plus a table and chairs. In really small spots, just one bench and a table can also do the trick.

If you go the built-in seating route in the kitchen, consider balancing out those clean lines with an eclectic mix of vintage and antique furnishings to finish off space. A set of slouchy, cozy pillows can make that bench one of the most inviting seats in the house. Chairs are not the only choice when it comes to extra nook seating. Stools and cubes are a fun alternative, and they keep the area feeling open and inviting. Here the simple lines of the cubes and the contemporary pendant balance out a more traditional-leaning antique table. One of our other favorite things about built-in seating (or a bench)? The chance to sneak in some extra kitchen storage.

If the pieces in your nook don’t obviously seem to go together, consider using color to unite them. Here, a set of wood Windsor chairs look perfectly at home next to green bamboo wallpaper, thanks to the addition of green seat cushions. When you can make a good design of your kitchen that mixed to the kitchen nook table, you will have the best sensation of brunch!

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