Kitchen Work Table in Minimalist Style

It is better to put only an important thing in your kitchen. It is good to manage everything well, so that you can have more spaces on it. in choosing the kitchen work table, you also need to consider some things. Notice these things before you are trying to get it.

kitchen work table

kitchen work table

stainless steel kitchen tables are often referred to as budget work tables or economy work tables because 18 gauge stainless steel is lighter and less expensive than other types. But depending on what you plan on using the worktable for, an 18 gauge model might be just fine! These kitchen work tables are great for sandwich or salad preparation, sorting items, or just for use as general work space! They are more susceptible to dents and dings, so keep that in mind if you’re going to be tossing heavy items onto them or will be doing a lot of pounding and chopping.
ommercial work tables are an excellent solution for food service professionals seeking both quality and affordability when adding a stainless steel kitchen table to their operation. Combining a higher level of durability over an 18 gauge model with a price that won’t break your budget, these tables are a great all-around option. You’ll find that many of our Regency brand tables are made of 16 gauge stainless steel, offering a perfect upgrade from an 18 gauge budget design.

stainless steel kitchen work tables, like Advance Tabco’s Spec Line Series, are the closest you can get to custom fabrication in terms of durability and quality. 14 gauge tables are often the table of choice for a butcher since they can withstand the repeated heavy blows of a cleaver or meat tenderizer without denting. Type is another number you’ll often see when looking at stainless steel, and it’s usually used in conjunction with “series.” In this case, they both refer to the same thing – the actual makeup of the stainless steel alloy.
While there are many different Series and Types of stainless steel available, our commercial work tables are available in both 300 (Type 304 to be specific) and 400 series (Type 430).
300 Series stainless steel is more corrosion resistant than 400 Series because it contains nickel, in addition to having a higher percentage of chromium. Which one of kitchen work table is the most suitable to you?

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