Nautical Bathroom Decor To Feel Likes in the Real Ocean

good theme to apply in your bathroom. Change your bathroom into the complete nautical theme with nautical bathroom decor ideas. There are many ways to decorate the bathroom in a beach theme with a sailboat, ship wheel, boat anchors, starfish, and many.nautical bathroom decor

Cast Iron Anchor Towel Ring
• great for in or outdoor locations
• Perfect for porches or BBQ areas too. Anywhere a hand towel is needed.
• 8 1/4″” tall x 4″ wide, 2 screw holes for easy mounting, but not included
• old brown patina
Set of 2 wood anchor wall hooks
• One blue and one red
• Made of wood with net trim
• shells and rope hangers
• 10″ tall total
• the anchor is 7″ tall
• top of the hook is 5″ wide and the bottom is 7″ wide
• New

A present, the nautical anchor is both a necessary piece of equipment aboard ship as well as a talisman of good luck for all sailors who step aboard. This delightful Wooden Rustic Triple Anchor set 7″ – Blue carries with it that same enchanting feel, bringing the wonder and magic of the sea into your home or office. No matter where you choose to place one of these fabulous anchors, enjoy its chic nautical style, historic significance, and symbolic wonder each and every day.
Crafted of cast iron
• Measures 4.5″H x 4″L x 1.5″W
• 2 hooks per set
• Finished in a light blue color, slight color variations may occur
• Screws not included
Seaside Decor
• Tropical Beach Decor
• Can be used Indoors or Outdoors
Get organized in style with these tropical beach themed Seashell Wall Hooks.
• The refreshing style and neutral bisque coloring with a textured finish will highlight any decor.
• Each hook is approximately 5 inches by 3.5 inches including the hook.
• Great for use near the entry to hang a scarf, leash or cap. In the kitchen hang pot holders
If you want something different happens in your bathroom, nautical bathroom decor is a
or dish towels.
• Perfect for organizing keys into one location – no more lost keys!
Set of 22+ Appliqués
• No need for water or adhesive.
• The easiest and fastest way to decorate
• So simple, children can do it.
When you have all of that equipment, are you ready to start your nautical bathroom decor in your house?

nautical bathroom decor set

nautical bathroom decor set –

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