Nautical Home Decor Brings the Beach to Your Home

Having beach view in your home is not only a wish to do. you can see the shells, white sands, and even the sea star in your home. It is simple. You just need to bring the sands from the beach and put it on your living room floor. However, you need to clean it daily and sunbathing it for the best clean ever. If you do not want to be busy with it, you can put it on the glass floor. Another thing you can do is by having a nautical table. The glass table with the sea stars and shells under it are the perfect view of nautical. The nautical home decor is not difficult to do by yourself, but if you want to buy the ready one, there is no problem with it. how is the wall decor? Sure, you can put the big sea star on the wall or make it as a frame. You can put your family photos on it or you can use the shells frame that many found in the stores.

diy nautical home decor

Another thing to consider is the chairs. You can have the rattan chair so that you will perfectly feel like in the beach or you can use the wooden chair, but remember to put an accent of nautical in it. decorative fish can be used to fill your table or the desk. In addition, you can bring the nautical concept to your bathroom too. Well, is there any another thing left? Yes, you need the light and there is also a nautical light to sell. You can find it on Etsy and another online shop. Do not need to worry about anything as long as you comfortable with this theme. Is it free shipping? You can check in each store that sells this kind of decor. Be ready to paint your wall with the light blue color or the dark one. However, any color of it as long as it gives you a sense of beach view, it will be better for your home.

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