Oak Kitchen Table Satisfies Your Style

Oak has many functions in furniture. You also can make oak kitchen table to complete your furniture need. Big, luxurious and versatile make up the characteristics of the Conan dining table. A stunning sunburst wood veneer top adds glamour while its dynamic centered leg design lends it a wonderful sculptural feel. A dining table acts as the centerpiece of the room, bringing everyone together to eat, talk and celebrate, creating priceless family memories around the dinner table. Make sure your guests feel right at home with the perfect dining table, with a choice from a variety of different s

oak kitchen table

oak kitchen table

tyles, decoration and color.

To refinish it, Choose the color of stain based on the style of the table and the wood tones in the rest of your house. The table doesn’t have to be an exact match—most homes have a variety of wood colors, so don’t stress if your stain’s color is a little off.

If you’re refinishing a modern table (Danish or midcentury modern, for example), stay in the light-to-medium tones, from white oak to teak. If your table is a country-style pedestal, and you like that more traditional style, then lean toward warm oak or maple. For larger tables, Queen Anne drop leafs, for example, you can go darker (cherry or mahogany) to enhance the Victorian-style furniture lines. Just know that when you refinish a piece of furniture you decrease its resale value—so only refinish something that you’re not hoping to sell for a higher price later. Refinishing and painting are best done on pieces you want to keep and enjoy for years to come. Staining the wood causes the wood fibers to swell as they soak up the stain. The reason for sanding between coats is to knock down the swollen fibers to maintain a smooth surface. After the final coat of stain has thoroughly dried, apply polyurethane according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply at least four coats, since dining room tables get a lot of use. Allow the final coat of polyurethane to dry for at least 24 hours before using the table. How much do you want to have the best oak kitchen table?

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