Outdoor bench with storage Ideas

If you’re like most of us, there are two things you can not get enough of: storage and terrace. What if I told you that I have the perfect solution to solve these two problems and is an elegant, hard to resist package?

The truth is that the use of storage benches provide comfortable Outdoor bench with storage, you can solve storage issues as well. You do not just do not have the space to store the tissue after the family meeting is over? Just store in your storage bench and will be on hand the next time you need it.

outdoor bench with storage diy

And there is so much available storage benches styles you are sure to find the perfect piece to match your decor, personality and the existing budget. If your outdoor space is eclectic, country or formal, there is a storage bench for you. You can choose from popular styles such as American, Nantucket and Bridgehampton, to name a few.
Take for example the American tour of luggage that are lovingly made using only red cedar finest West. This classic style sofa is comfortable and refined in its natural beauty. Outdoor bench with storage battens are stained with oil to enhance the natural beauty of the wood and to ensure its long life.

Prefer something more customizable? Perhaps the Nantucket luggage bench would do. This storage bench has heavy construction and pieces generously scale made of Southern Yellow Pine. Available in 28 enamel finish, Nantucket Storage Bench can also be customized to fit your unique space. You can choose from attractive colors like lime, tangerine and canary or more classic colors like white, mint green and yellow sun. There are also four different finishes available, including natural, pristine, washed and distressed.

Or you may like the Tower storage Bridgehampton. This storage bench is also available in 28 colors and four finishes and dried pine which makes Outdoor bench with storage that is unsurpassed when it comes to comfort and class of the hand.

No matter which style you prefer, you are sure to find the perfect bench to suit your space and that will not bust your budget. With the price of most storage benches hovering at about $ 400, you can afford what your heart desires. And these are so durable, they last many decades, making the money you invest in the outdoor benches storage worth every penny.

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