Outdoor Kitchen Countertops : NO Smells At Home!

If you want to have the clean home, especially the clean air from the smoke after cooking, you have to try this idea. Outdoor kitchen countertops are the great idea to you to make a nice style at home. There are many types of stone, and you can use any of them on your outdoor countertop, but should you? Porous stones like marble, limestone, bluestone and soapstone may look great at first, but they stain easily, so you may be left with counters marred by grease or wine.

outdoor kitchen countertops

outdoor kitchen countertops

Granite’s the toughest option. It stands up well to the elements, doesn’t absorb stains or odors as easily as other stones, and shouldn’t fade in the sun. If you prefer the matte finish of soapstone or bluestone, have your granite honed, instead of polished.

You also can choose concrete. it’s at the top of the trend heap right now thanks to its clean, contemporary look, but choosing concrete’s not a no-brainer. Why? It’s prone to cracking if not installed correctly. Finding an experienced installer is everything. If you do, you’ll have virtually infinite range of custom color options, and can even integrate features like a draining board beside the sink. Concrete must be sealed on installation and resealed regularly.

How is the tile? Tile offers the widest range of style options. You can go with an ornately patterned style, or a stone look, or just about anything in-between. It’s frequently affordable, and it’s the easiest do-it-yourself surfacing material of the bunch. But if you live in a cold climate, the freeze-thaw cycle puts the grout and tiles at great risk of cracking.
Also, grout stains, even when it’s been sealed. If you decide to go the tile route, choose freeze-proof tiles, use dark grout, and hire an installer who knows the business very well. He or she will use products appropriate for you climate, and can instruct you on proper care. Trying one of the outdoor kitchen countertops above and find the new sensation of cooking. You can try the one that mixes to your budget. Combine it will make your kitchen looks more attractive.

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