Outdoor patio cushions

Instead of going to the expense of buying new patio furniture and cushions because they update existing furniture making some new pillows. If you make your own Outdoor patio cushions, you can get the exact size, design and level of firmness and comfort you are looking for – and save too!

Patio cushions, you need some skill with a sewing machine, but otherwise are quite simple as patio cushions are simple shapes.

outdoor patio cushions sunbrella

1. Measure your chairs

Measure the width of the seat to get the width of your pillow. If the chairs have arms and measure the portion of the seat within the arm to facilitate mounting of pillows. Then measure the length of the back of the chair (or you want to start the cushion) on the edge of the seat.

2. Decide on the thickness

If you replace existing safety nets, use them as a guide – you want your cushions or even a little thicker. If you do not have existing shock absorbers, you should decide how often you want your pillow to be. About 1-1.5 “is on the right of most chairs to add a layer of comfort.

3. Purchase Materials

Buying a piece of foam for each seat in the thickness and the degree of firmness is needed. Remember that if you have a classic chair pad will bend where the seat meets the back of the chair to make sure that the foam is flexible enough for that. Use of the foam in order to estimate the amount of tissue is required. Remember to include measures for each cushion, front and rear, and the sides and seams. Choose your fabric and buy hinges match the Outdoor patio cushions that are two to three inches shorter than the long edge for easy mounting of your pads. Remember to choose the hard tissue resistant outdoor cushions.

4. Create a template and cut the fabric

Draw a template with your foam as a guide – create pieces for the top, bottom and sides of the cushions and score additional bonus for seams. Cut the pieces for each pillow

5. Sew and Stuff your pillow

Sew your pieces of fabric inside to form the cushion covers zippers at the center of the longer sides and with two rows of stitching to reinforce the seams. Turn the pillow cover right path Outdoor patio cushions, open the hinge and put the foam in the cushions and then close the hinges. Test the pillows on your chairs. If the flow is much more to add memory to link to cushions that you can keep the seat cushions.

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