Painted Bedroom Furniture: Get It Here and Get Your Creativity!

Here are some of the painted bedroom furniture you can choose to have.

1.White Console
Small elements add drama to a room. Ron Woodson and Jaime Rummerfield painted this foyer wall a serene sage green to highlight the lovely off-white Sunset mirror and an Asian-inspired console. For an extra touch of glamor, a vintage parlor chair was added.

painted bedroom furniture

2.Red Chair
It’s not a real Chippendale chair, but who cares when it’s painted such a delicious red? Ruthie Summers used Relay Red from Ralph Lauren Paint. Farrow & Ball’s Green Ground 206 on the walls is the perfect complement.

3.Slate and Oyster White
“Find a piece that has good lines and trick it up. I’ve taken a plain pine chest of drawers from a junk shop and done a simple, cottage finish with milk paint. Start with a base in Swedish blue-gray and lightly brush over it with white, pulling back with steel wool in spots to reveal more color.”

4.A Dramatic Secretary
“I designed that secretary a few years ago for myself, and now it’s part of our furniture line. We lacquered it in Heritage Red to add a bit of drama. I just thought red would be the perfect color against that blue. The blue becomes bluer when you see red against it; the red becomes redder.”

5.Essex Green
“Unless you have beautiful antique wicker with the original stain, you have to paint it, and Essex Green just looks right. It’s rich and dark, as dark as you can go and still come off as green, and it works with any fabric. It’s instant class, elegant, uncontrived.

6.Swiss Coffee and Winter White
The two colors designer Robert Willson chose to use on the two-toned dresser/nightstand.

“I’d paint the base of a sofa if it’s a framed sofa with maybe just a strip of wood along the bottom and tapered feet. Paint all the wood this pretty, fresh Chinese red. It’s an easy thing to do, and that little detail will really make it snap.”

get your painted bedroom furniture here and try to apply on your bedroom.

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