Perfect Basement Bedroom Ideas

All of us at some point start looking at our homes and hoping there were a little bit of extra room around so that we could organize it in a better fashion. If you can find a whole new room, then even better! With space becoming such a premium in the modern world, it makes sense to fully utilize every inch that is on offer. Putting the basement to good use is one such option that is neither difficult nor very expensive. Basement bedrooms ideas are a wonderful way of not only creating additional, usable space, but also treating yourself to a quiet, cozy retreat right at home.

basement bedroom ideas for kids

The most basic requirement for turning the basement into a beautiful bedroom is getting the insulation right. In many ways, this step defines how comfortable your new basement bedroom truly is, and if done poorly, you will soon be driven away from the room both in winters and in summers! Since most basements only sport bare concrete walls, opt for top-notch insulation, even if it costs a tad bit extra. Adding a few wooden panels is a good idea, as wood is a wonderful insulator and will keep your room snug and cozy even during the dreariest winters. Good insulation also keeps the noise in the basement bedroom down to a minimum.

this might sound like a bit of a given while designing most rooms, but there are additional benefits to picking the style of basement bedroom well in advance. Since the basement walls need finishing, you can save on costs and make a style statement by leaving some of the elements intentionally exposed! An odd steel pipe here and there or an accent concrete wall coupled with the right pendants can easily give you a rustic or industrial look. If you are planning a bedroom for a couple of kids, throw in a rustic-style bunk bed and usher in the woodsy cabin style. However, most homeowners prefer a serene and lovely basement bedroom that looks clean and complete. While some homes come with extensive basements that might allow you to add not just a guest bedroom but also a bath and a small living area, others have just enough room for one small bedroom. It is important to make the most of these small bedrooms by creating as much visual space as possible.
Perception is a funny thing, and with right design, even the tiniest rooms can look airy and elegant. There are plenty of little tricks you can use here. Vertical stripes or simple chevron patterns look trendy and posh. Mirrors also are a fun way to not only usher in an open appeal, but also to spread light in a more even manner. Do not forget o put the cozy and warm color of the paint!

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