Purple Bathroom Decor for Glamor Bathroom Style

You can make your bathroom like your palace or the best place to relax. By having purple bathroom decor, the rest sensation will be more enjoyable and peaceful. Few colors grab attention, make a visual statement and bring along with them the aura of luxury and exclusivity like purple. Part of it might be because of the rarity of the color in the ages gone by. Another reason could be the fact that it is not as easily found in nature as the reds, greens, and yellows. Irrespective of the cause, few colors promise to bring alive an interior like brilliant purple, and today we take a look at how it can be used to give your bathroom a sensational makeover.purple bathroom decor ideas

Purple bathrooms might not be as common as their blue counterparts. But this is precisely what makes them so special. It is a perfect choice if you are trying to achieve that elusive balance between a soothing yet refined bathroom that will melt away all your woes after a long, hard day. The many shades of purple make it a versatile background color in the bathroom that can be used either to accentuate specific architectural features or to paint a relaxing backdrop. It is best to use a lighter shade of purple with a matte finish in case you are planning to drape the bathroom wall in plenty of purples. Bright purple hues with a glossy finish look best when used in a restrained fashion. instead of drenching your bathroom in purple, maybe you prefer a less audacious yet equally exciting approach. Combining purple with white might sound like a traditional idea, but it is a classic for a very good reason – it never fails! Think of dividing the bathroom into two halves with purple and white taking over each one. Of course, these need not always be equal, and you can use purple in a far less prominent fashion to see how it goes before committing to the colorfully. An accent mauve wall or even new shower tiles in aubergine will get you started on the path towards purple nirvana! So, are you ready for your purple bathroom decor?

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