Purple Bedroom Decor is Brave

If you choose Purple Bedroom Decor, then you are brave enough to pass anything in your home. Since only a few furniture in purple, it seems very brave to apply this color as Your bedroom decor. Therefore, how to match another color with purple?

purple bedroom decor

purple bedroom decor

Consider a mirror, small picture frames, candles, a laundry hamper, fresh flowers or a plant, and a jug for water. TELL US Are you revamping your bedroom or thinking about it? Share your progress and decorating quandaries in the comments section. MORE What’s Your Bedroom Decorating Style? Bedroom Colour Combos That Soothe Your Soul From Bedroom to Boutique Hotel-Style Boudoir.

In 1856 the first synthetic purple dye, called mauveine, was created in a failed experiment to synthesize quinine. It became immediately popular. Purple today still evokes a sense of luxury … and perhaps a touch of mystery. The boudoir is a befitting space for this magical color. A monochromatic look, such as with the bed in this bedroom by Buckingham Interiors + Design, doesn’t need to be boring or overly matchy. Purple is a very popular color among young girls. Since favorite colors can change, it may be a good idea to paint just one accent wall instead of the entire room. Then, bedding and accessories can be easily switched out. Purple Bedroom Decor looks nice for the kids room. For those with an expansive bedroom space, lucky you! However, it can be tricky working a bold color into a large, open space. The color can all too easily become heavy and overwhelming. Instead of putting the bold color on all of your walls, select a few of your favorite purple hues

and find bedding and other decorative accessories in those colors. Another option is to bring bold purple hues into your bedroom via textiles, and then pick a lighter lavender shade for the walls. You’ll get a nice hint of soothing color in your bedroom that relates to the bolder hues in the accessories. Here’s another example of taking a light and neutral space and adding drama via purple furnishings. And should your love for purple wane, you can easily replace some of the textiles and accessories without breaking the bank.

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