Queen Bedroom Furniture Sets for the Larger Space to Sleep

Whether you have the budget and space for something bigger, or think only something smaller will be more suitable, there are a number of reasons you should consider purchasing a queen bedroom furniture sets.

Many single adults presume that they can make do with a double bed and that a queen size bed is made for couples. Of course, space is always a limiting or liberating factor when deciding what size of bed to buy. Toronto’s perennially hyper-active condo market is that way because of the popularity of the condo lifestyle with single adults.Unfortunately, that same popularity has forced condo developers to take advantage of the hot markets by making condos smaller so they can fit more units into the same space. 1,000 sq.ft. condos were common 10 and 20 years ago, but today an 850 sq. ft. condo is considered spacious. In addition, nowhere is the reduction in condo floor space more apparent than in the bedroom.

white queen bedroom furniture sets

The result is that a queen size bedroom furniture set is just about the largest size most condo owners can consider. Even so, a queen-sized set can severely limit the other space in a condo bedroom. Some people might prefer extra floor space over a larger bed and choose to go with a double bed set. If you are able to afford a larger condo, or happen to live in an older unit, you might enjoy the luxury of being able to choose between a queen or king size bedroom suite. Most couples will prefer the added size and comfort of a king-sized bed. It’s only a matter of a few extra inches, but it can make a huge difference if your partner is a restless sleeper or a snorer.

But again, many couples might prefer having the extra floor space that comes with having a queen size bed. Even in larger condos and townhomes, space can still be a a premium and many people add a computer table to their above average size bedrooms to save space elsewhere in the condo. Regardless of your reasons, don’t feel obligated to get the largest sized bedroom set, or the smallest.

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