Round Accent Table Looks Great

Everything in round shape is good, especially for the small space of house. If you need the round accent table, here is the good place to go. You also can cordinate it in a good spot. The worst is when the big box ‘Get a free TV with your sofa’ stores sell all three together and you can’t even split them up? That is doing no one any favours. The consumer who doesn’t know anything about design, thinks that’s just what you should do?

round accent table

round accent table

If you have had a living or family room without coffee or end tables just a little too long, here’s some coordinated sets for some inspiration. A room simply doesn’t look finished without the right coffee and end tables. If your living room is where you watch television as well, an ottoman (above and below) is always a great idea instead of a hard coffee table. You can always perch a tray for drinks on the ottoman. When coordinating tables, one good rule of thumb is to repeat the same wood colour twice. Or it doesn’t necessarily have to be repeated in end tables. The coffee table in this room I designed is not repeated in the tables but the same colour is in the sisal area rug and the mirror above the console table. The rustic side table here adds textural interest but isn’t paired with any other tables that would clash as well. Notice the colour of the Rustic side table has been repeated in the table lamps. A stump will go anywhere, so snap one up for an side table that you can sit on as well. I love the dramatic mirrors in between the french doors in this photo instead of drapery!

Hope this has inspired you to get your room finished! Then, don’t forget lamps! No one ever has enough. I’ve never been in an interior that had too many lamps so that’s saying something! round accent table can be put in the right place then based on this instruction! What do you think to handle everything with yourself?

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