Round Kitchen Tables Make The Kitchen Looked Modern

Round kitchen tables make conversing with dinner guests easier and prevents the dreaded corner bump as you walk past. And with a pedestal table, you also get the benefit of being able to squeeze in a few extra seats in a pinch — perfect for holiday entertaining, when everyone seems to bring a friend. Whether you already have a table you love and are looking for fresh ideas for chairs, or you’re starting from scratch, see which of these 10 table and chair matchups appeals to you.

rustic round kitchen tables

Dark wood pedestal table with Loop chairs. Lighten the mood of a traditional, highly polished dark wood dining table with a set of delightfully curvy Loop chairs. Originally created by Frances Elkins in 1930, the Loop chair has become an icon. Seek out a modern interpretation of the classic in black or white.

Polished stone table with leather chairs. Play with texture by pairing up a sleek stone table with sculptural leather chairs. The metal bases on both the table and chairs tie the set here together. Tulip table with banquette and modern chairs. Here a plush banquette invites you to sink in, while midcentury chairs provide room for more people to sit at the gorgeous custom walnut table. In another iteration of this look, a buttery leather banquette and Wishbone chairs are warm and inviting; the white Tulip table provides a crisp counterpoint. Black lacquered table with Chinese Chippendale chairs. A black lacquered dining table is incredibly elegant. Keep it fresh and light by pairing it with Chinese Chippendale–style chairs painted white with bright upholstery on the seats. Rustic pedestal table with Louis-style chairs. A raw wood table has a simple farmhouse vibe. Elevate it by bringing in a group of curvaceous Louis-style chairs with neutral linen upholstery. Café table with bentwood chairs. Channel an old Viennese café by pulling up a few vintage bentwood chairs to that café table. A cushy window bench provides additional seating in this colorful dining nook.

Is there any another thing to consider in having round table? Yes, the member of the family. This kind of table is suitable for small family because the spot of it is too small and simple. It does not need to take many spaces in your kitchen. You can put it in the same area of your cooking or even your dining room.

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