Rustic Bathroom Decor is No False to Have It

You can create your own rustic bathroom decor by following some of these ideas.rustic bathroom decor

1.Renovated farmhouse bathroom. An older copper sink basin with two faucets, antique sconces, and a vintage tub will bring back a sense of history to this bathroom space.
2.Inherent simplicity. It comes down to an inherent simplicity, which perhaps explains why blue and white inhabit so many decorating icons: Think spatterware and spongeware; Blue Willow china and Wedgwood. And we never tire of the fabrics, from elegant toile de Jouy to crisp ticking to humble flour-sack stripes.
3.Copper tub. Homeowners found the gleaming copper tub in the master bath.
4.Industrial bathroom. For quick and easy installation, try sheets of smaller tiles, like these two-inch tiles, found here in one-foot square sheets. Exposed chimney bricks act as foils for the coolness of the color scheme and the sleekness of the metal furniture.

5.Vintage revival. Subtle touches of pink soften a black-and-white vintage bath.
6.Vintage touches. Materials of various pedigrees, such as a gilded mirror frame and an old, oxidized faucet, harmonize nicely.
7.Slipper tub. The slipper tub and chandelier add touches of luxury in the master bath.
8.Shaving bowl. An old shaving bowl from Homer Laughlin was set into a barley table to form a sink in the downstairs bathroom; the plumbing is hidden by a table skirt made from heirloom linens.
9.Shop smart. This sink was made even more attractive by its original working faucets with porcelain knobs. To source them after purchase would have been difficult, time-consuming, and costly.
10.Gray bathroom. Limestone counters are inset with porcelain sinks and crowned with vintage mirrors. Old metal egg and fishing baskets stow towels. Look for vintage mirrors and metal baskets
11.Shower tiles. If your tile is fine but the grout is discolored or damaged, regrout the area. Keep in mind that if the tile is bulging or leaking, there may be more serious problems underneath.
In this case, consult a contractor. You may need to replace the tile.

12.Bold blue. Here the nautical palette is reversed: The walls become a bold blue while the fixtures and shower curtain remain white. A dark wall color is easier to handle in the bath since time spent here is brief.
Which one of rustic bathroom decor is the real you?

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