Rustic Bathroom Lighting: Make It Less Scary!

The lighting itself is generally somewhat muted in rustic bath spaces, focusing on as much natural light as possible from windows or skylights. Faux candle bulbs in sconces or track lighting can be a great option to continue the rustic theme. Pendant lamps in a lantern style could also be a great choice, again in materials with a bit of weather and wear on them. However, before you apply the rustic bathroom lighting, you have to change your bathroom color and more, so it will not look scary.rustic bathroom lighting ideas

When considering bulb strength, err on the side of warmth and glow as opposed to overwhelming brightness. This will add to the cozy, comfortable and welcoming feel of a rustic bathroom.
An absence of built-in cabinetry carries the theme of Old World charm into the bathroom. For storage, an armoire fronted with chicken wire lets contents breathe — a big plus in a humid room. A small sterling silver Edwardian purse dangles from the door handle. For quick and easy installation, try sheets of smaller tiles, like these two-inch tiles, found here in one-foot square sheets.

Exposed chimney bricks act as foils for the coolness of the color scheme and the sleekness of the metal furniture. You can mix the light with metal and wooden material. You also can make it looks more artistic too with some paints in it. you have to remember that everything you put in the light will have less meaning when you cannot combine it with another thing to make the rustic bathroom lighting looks bright. Since the rustic thing sometimes leaves the scary movie or oldish history, you have to create it into something new that fresh and make you less scared. It is important to use the bright lamp in your bathroom. In addition, you also can put the low light in each corner of it. when you think you brave enough to spend your time in a bit dark in your bathroom alone, then you can try to find the rustic style with low light. Even if you ant to use fire inside the lighting, you still can do it like what the previous century community did!

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