Rustic Wood Coffee Table Full of Paint

Nowadays, Rustic Wood Coffee Table are very popular among people. At first glance it may seem that convertible coffee tables are only for those who have small space, but not really. These tables are functional and perfect for everyday use, since they maximize living space that can be used for daily activities. When it’s necessary it serves as compact coffee table or spacious dining table where to welcome guests. Therefore, this time lets look closer at 10 different coffee tables in modern, traditional and classics styles to fit in every home.

rustic wood coffee table

rustic wood coffee table

1. Rustic Wood Coffee from Tom Rossau

This particular coffee table is designed by Tom Rossau and can be used as well as in modern as traditional interior design. When folded its compact coffee table, but when expanded into a dining table, gives seating about 6 to 10 people. Available in bamboo finish. Measurements for coffee table: 150 x 70 x 40cm (LxWxH), dining table: 230 x 70 x 70cm (LxWxH).

2. Transforming coffee table designed by Duffy London
This transforming coffee table is multifunctional and will perfectly fit in a modern and a bit provincial interior. It miraculously converts from a coffee table to a dining table in two simple movements. Producer offer two options when made of wood or metal and can be selected for use indoors or outdoors. Available in many finishes like white melamine and black base or white melamine and white base, oak, walnut and other furnishings as you may wish.
They produce two size coffee tables – MK1 MINI and MK1 LARGE. Measurements for MINI coffee table: 75 x 75 x 35cm (LxWxH), dining 135 x 75 x 75cm (LxWxH). LARGE coffee table dimensions: 120 x 75 x 35cm (LxWxH), dining table 185 x 75 x 75cm (LxWxH).
Which one of Rustic Wood Coffee Table that would be your choice?

3. Coffee table transforms into dining with seats
Most often, when there is talk about convertible table, raises question about chairs. Where to store them? This convertible coffee table is interesting with its solution 3 in 1. Its not only coffee and dining table, when its fold out, it gives extra seats as well.

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