Tiny Kitchen Design : What Is It Look?

Here are some of the tiny kitchen designs you can choose to apply in your kitchen.tiny kitchen design

1.Pocket-Size Vintage-Style Kitchen
Homeowner: Robert and Ronna Kelly of Piedmont, California

Robert Kelly’s vintage-style kitchen is only about 145 square feet, but he doesn’t need much more space — even with kids and pets around. Kelly’s home was built in the 1920s, and preserving the original style was a big priority. Each appliance and finish were chosen to complement the house as a whole. The beautiful vintage stove was given to him by a friend. The most difficult part of Kelly’s renovation was planning the kitchen in relation to the rest of the house. The traffic flow had to be arranged with an emphasis on one side of the space, leaving more space for cabinets and counters on the other. Relocating the interior stairs, the exterior stairs, and the windows helped achieve this but presented some complications.

2.Clean, Modern and Efficient Kitchen
Homeowner: Steve Justrich of San Francisco

Designer Steve Justrich’s renovated 1912 kitchen was carefully designed to make the most of its 90 square feet. Justrich relied on simple tricks — placing the refrigerator flush to the wall in an old doorway and purchasing small European appliances — to save on space. Open shelving instead of upper cabinetry and a turquoise Venetian plaster ceiling create the illusion of more space. A tiny dishwasher is all Justice needs for a day’s worth of dishes. A built-in cutting board and a strainer for the sink expand counter and prep space. Colorful artwork and Heath pottery add cheer to the simply designed space.

3.A Tiny, Makeshift Bakery
Homeowner: Yossy Arefi-Afshar of New York City

Yossy Arefi-Afshar loves to bake and refuses to let her tiny New York kitchen stop her. Although she’s learned some hard lessons about planning along the way (“I’ll never forget the time I got too ambitious with my menu and ended up doing dishes in the bathtub the next day,” she says), she’s learned to work with what she’s got. When Aref-Afshar is working on a big baking project, she simply clears everything off the counters and moves it to another part of the apartment. For some extra surface area, she’ll pull out a drawer or two and place a sheet pan or cutting board on top. Whether it’s turning a drawer into extra prep space, using every square inch of vertical storage or changing up the darling art on her kitchen wall, Aref-Afshar embraces her small kitchen and uses it to whip up delicious seasonal desserts

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