U Shaped Kitchen Designs : The Next Popular Design

The U shaped kitchen designs lend itself to high-efficiency cooking: You can often pivot on one toe as you spin around from refrigerator to sink to stove. A good friend and accomplished cook swear by this kitchen layout. He loves it because it keeps people out of the way when he’s cooking. Guests can hang out as long as they stay on “that” side of the peninsula! The U-shaped kitchen (also called the C-shaped kitchen) is the perfect expression of the work triangle we hear so much about in kitchen design. As you can see from the selections below, U-shaped kitchens can still come in different shapes and sizes: Older homes with smaller kitchens sometimes have the refrigerator inside the “U,” but that really eats into the counter space. Most often you’ll see a U-shaped kitchen with the refrigerator on the adjacent wall right outside the “U,” which is fine. It’s still within the work triangle.u shaped kitchen designs

One signature of the U-shaped kitchen designs is the peninsula. In this case, it doesn’t have to seat due to the passageway between rooms. The lack of kitchen seating is often the reason people prefer the L-shaped kitchen with an island to the U-shaped kitchen.

As you can see, the dishwasher is on the peninsula and not next to the sink. That’s due to a lack of room unless you choose to not center the sink. This is one complaint about the U-shaped kitchen. One solution would be to put the sink in the peninsula, but that would leave a long empty counter on the short section of the U. At least here a cook can use the peninsula for prepping and serving.

In this U-shaped kitchen it appears that the refrigerator and stove are outside the “U,” so there might be a few extra steps between the stove and sink.

Tip: If that’s the case, a prep sink by the stove is a great solution — if you’re willing to sacrifice a base cabinet. Sometimes in smaller and older homes, you just don’t have a choice without moving walls and incurring major construction costs. Make the most of what you have!

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