Vintage Kitchen Table in Affordable Price Tag

You can try this to have the vintage kitchen table. If done right, it’s possible to create both a rustic and feminine look and feel. Salvaged and whitewashed wood, pops of pastel and time-worn hints of the past are the cornerstones of shabby chic decorating. You should look for charming, antique and distressed vintage items for your kitchen. These pieces are out there and they’re affordable. Check out a local antique shop, your parent’s or grandparent’s basement or go online and search for specific furniture and décor that fits your style. Don’t be afraid to search the nearby countryside or neighborhood for materials others might overlook.

vintage kitchen table

vintage kitchen table

To get this look right you’ll want to find furniture and décor that’s neutral in color. Light pastels are also a nice way to go. Keep it light so you can do more with your accent colors. The best part about this style is that it can be affordable and sophisticated if you’re patient, resourceful and a little creative. While the overall color scheme of a shabby chic kitchen is neutral and pale, this is your chance to add a pop of color. Plants, flowers and dishes are just a few ideas you can use to incorporate bright accents. Don’t go overboard, keep it lively, but simple. If you’re going for shabby chic, then you should install glass-front upper cabinets to show off your dishes and closed door lower cabinets to hide supplies. If you have wood cabinets and are sick and tired of the way they look, think about adding a coat of bold paint. Now onto the fun part, wall art! Shopping for wall art and shabby chic décor can be an enjoyable experience.

The options are endless, and the shabby chic style has some of the most creative pieces on the market. Some wall art ideas include: quotes on distressed wood boards, cast iron, mirror and window frames, plants, paintings, dishes and shelving. The Teardrop Bottles Trio piece that’s pictured above is a super cute example of unique kitchen décor! Each is mounted on a wood base to create a rustic and attractive look. Now, you already have your own vintage kitchen table.

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