Winnie The Pooh Lamp

Decoration can be really fun, and you can get as creative as you like! Decorate a child’s room is my favorite, perhaps because I have a son. Who knows! It can be expensive, but if you look around the world before making a right decision, then you will find exactly what you want for a better price. And ‘there, believe me.

winnie the pooh nursery lamp

My first idea is decorating a room like a rainforest. Paint the room like a rainforest. Just find an image you like, and shows the painter. Or you can paint, do it yourself! Put real plants in the room. It provides oxygen and fresh, especially with Winnie the pooh lamp theme. Put a rope made false leaves hanging from a wall to the other with a monkey teddy bear attached to it. This is just an idea of ??one of the many things you might come up with. Perhaps choose a bed that looks bark of trees? You can also hang a bright sun in the corner with a light bulb behind it, and use it as a night light. It would be really good!

Winnie the pooh lamp. Most kids love it! Who would not want a teddy bear with a sweet voice. As for the painting, you can choose what you can, or paint all the characters on the wall, or Pooh honey obtain or all characters dancing or playing. Make a hive containing levels. This is my favorite idea! You can also hang small fake bees around her. Be creative!

My third idea is the ocean. This is the broader concept. The colors are also very quiet and elegant looking. Make the bed of a boat. Painting beautiful Winnie the pooh lamp on the wall with beautiful fish. Do everything in a kind of fish in the ocean. Since support at a level Blowfish or an anchor. You can also put a real fish tank in his room with the real fish! Make sure it is very high and therefore can not get a hold of it and make sure it is sturdy, can not overthrow it.

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